Lifetime Turned Dr Dre into Ike Turner 

Damn Dre,

I just got done watching that movie on Lifetime Survivng Compton and all i got to say is damn, damn, damn. Michelle went through shit during the Death Row days. I know that movies are supposed to stretch the truth for entertainment purposes but to be honest I honestly think that Dr. Dre beat the shit out of her on a regular basis. This is the kind of shit that really makes you wonder where did Dr. Dre really come up with the name Beats by Dre. Instead of kicks and snares Dr. Dre has been producing Upper Cuts and left swings for a long time now it seems that everybody likes to forget the fact that he knocked the shit out of Dee Barnes.

Another suspicious thing is Dr. Dre is deciding to sue Sony for how he was portrayed in the film. Ashley this lawsuit came about before the film was even released but Tony said we do not give a shit and released the film anyway. But what’s crazy about this generation is once the internet decide how they want to feel about a certain situation there is no coming back from it.

The Twitter world did not like the movie and what Dr. Dre is being accused of doing.


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