His Neighbor Threatened To Call The Police Cause He Was To Loud &This Was His Reply

His Neighbor Threatened To Call The Police Cause He Was To Loud


It was early Thursday morning when Richard Brookshire got a phone call from a friend who needed some advice on how to quit his job. Brookshire is a manager at a leadership institute, paced around his around his apartment for an hour, giving his friend advice on using to perfect tone in his resignation letter. After talking to his friend Brookshire went to sleep and woke a few hours later to a letter that was slipped under his door. This is the letter:




  Regarding last night. It is extremely rude and inconsiderate to scream and stomp around your apartment until almost 2 a.m. My wife and I both have to get up early for work a had been submitted to the management. Next Time this will go straight to the police.

Please Learn Your Manners.”


In the most professional manner, Robert Brookshire wrote his reply back to his neighbor, but not before he posted the letter on to his Facebook page, which has been shared over 80,000 times and counting.



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