New Jersey trooper pulled over women to ask them out, covered it up

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A New Jersey Trooper has been suspended without any pay after an investigation showed that he was pulling over women so that he can ask them out on dates & get their phone numbers. On top of that he would falsify police records to cover the incidents up.

Marquice Prather was arrested on Friday without bail with record tampering charges according to the Division of Criminal Justice. Officials say that State Police Office of Professional Standards began investigating the trooper after a couple of different women complained about his behavior on the road while on duty.

The investigation found a pattern of Prather pulling over young women between the ages of 20 – 35 and asking to go out on dates with the women. Prather is also accused of turning of his microphone during his encounters with the women and lying on his reports that his microphone had malfunctioned. He would also lie on his police reports about the gender of the people that he was pulling over to hide the fact that he was targeting women.

He will face charges of third-degree tampering with public records and fourth degree falsifying records.


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