What Do You Want To Be Remembered For When You Die 

Have you ever actually show up this question what do I want to be remembered for when I die? 

Probably not most of us don’t like to really think about our deaths even though we know it’s going to happen it’s something that we avoid thinking about. The other day I came across a video on YouTube, in the video was talking about living your life with knowing that one day it’s going to end. 

Early this morning somebody who I went to HighSchool with tragically died in a car accident. He was around my age so it really has me thinking about all the things that I really need to accomplish because you never know when your day is. 

Like right now everybody’s always telling me that I need to go while and have more fun and go to more parties and do more things, but in the back of my mind I’m always telling myself yeah I should be doing those things but will I really be remembered for those things or will I be remembered for creating content that will last for centuries even when I’m gone. 

There have been days during the summer when it was really nice outside and all of my friends are going to the beach or traveling to different countries on vacations when I would just sit in the house and keep writing lyrics keep building myself up as a great songwriter and keep building myself up to learn audio engineering so that I didn’t have to rely on a studio anymore I can make music in my house and perfect a craft and being a musician.

Music last forever and then it’s just the feel that I’m in writing music and making music but if there’s something that you really love to do you need to put your whole fucking all into it because when you die you need to make sure that is what you are remembered for your legacy to live on.

There are kids who are just now getting into hip-hop and rap and they look up to Tupac and Biggie these are rappers who have been dead for almost 20 years and they are still making a huge impact on an industry that they were just amateurs at themselves when they started. 


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