These Two Artist Dropped Out Of College, Quit Their Jobs To Pursue Careers In Music

Dropping Out & Quitting

When you hear about rappers living the so-called “rap” lifestyle I guess you probably think about your favorite artist chilling with a whole bunch of bad bitches, doing crazy amounts of drugs while making millions of dollars just to fart on a track. But in reality being a full-time artist can be very tough on somebody who doesn’t have to stomach and ambition to stay up countless nights wondering how can you reach new people and introduce them to your art.

Recording artist Ike Cantarino & Frank Luke have proved that with hard work and a drive to be famous and not live the so-called “normal life”. Something that both Cantarino & Luke agree is way worse than dying. Both recently dropped out of college and quit their jobs all within a week timespan to become a full-time artist.


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